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Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine the introduction of high-definition surgical robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery
2013/4/28 Reading times:[1096]
BEIJING, January 16 with HD technology medical technology can also be used in addition to broadcasting. Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine donated 18 million yuan for the introduction of Hong Kong's first integration of high-definition endoscopic robotic surgical system. School of Medicine, said the new system is faster than the previous generation robot operation, HD screen allows doctors to more carefully to see the surgical site, more than a robotic arm compared with the old system, akin to doctors by more than an assistant.
According to Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, Faculty of Medicine last year was an enthusiastic public donations to more than 1800 million, Wells Hospital purchase of second-generation da Vinci robot surgical system for auxiliary including urology, gynecology and cardiology a number of minimally invasive surgery. School of Medicine, said the new system for Hong Kong's first robot surgery system with high-definition endoscopic video technology. Compared with the first-generation system was introduced in 2005 by the Wells Hospital, the new system can provide a more realistic three-dimensional images and a wider surgical exposure and greatly improve the accuracy of the surgery, is expected to commence operation at the end of this month at the earliest.
The PWH Data show that since 2005, the end of last year, PWH completed over 100 cases of robot surgery, 45% with the urologist about a 30% of gynecology. The Faculty of Medicine Department of Surgery Urology director Ye Jinhong said the new system will further improve the precision of surgery, allowing for complex minimally invasive surgery, and that the new system is best suited for surgery relatively limited space prostatectomy.
He said the new system, the doctor can see and retained the surface of the muscle and nerve blood vessels and other fine organizations help patients recover as soon as possible urinary and sexual function, speed up patient recovery time. He looked forward to the new system can shorten the hospital stay, as well as to reduce the need for blood transfusion patients, such as prostate surgery the patient's hospital stay by seven days reduced to two to three days.
In addition, the new system than the previous generation by more than a manipulator, is akin to an assistant surgeon more than the increase. Wu Zhihui, urologist, said the old system only three robotic arm surgery for an additional two nurses to help take away the muscle tissue near the surgical follow the surgeon's instructions. The new system offers four robotic arm, the surgeon can be the fourth only arm of their own the manipulation and cramped muscle tissue, doctors surgery will be more handy.
School of Medicine said the new system will replace the first-generation system for clinical applications, legacy systems will be moved to the training center for the use of minimally invasive medical technology. School of Medicine in Derby Minimally Invasive Surgical Skills Centre will be outside the United States, the second robot accredited surgical center, hospital Fang Jipei train more in Hong Kong, the Mainland and Southeast Asian doctors, the surgery.
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