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Asia's first minimally invasive surgical robot introduced in Hong Kong
2013/4/28 Reading times£º[983]
It is reported that Hong Kong has spent HK $ 15 million from the United States acquired in Asia's first minimally invasive robot system to deal specifically with the complex surgery beyond the limits of human has been a more than 60-year-old prostate cancer patients benefit from the successful resection of the tumor.
"Minimally invasive surgery" is a big trend of surgical treatment, doctors simply open holes in the patient's body, with the execution of a variety of complex surgery, the patient may recover quickly. First introduced in Hong Kong, the minimally invasive Faculty of Medicine, the $ 50 million set up Asia's first minimally invasive technology training center, and an estimated annual training about 3,000 doctors around the world.
It is reported that the system can be cross-border distance minimally invasive surgery change former shipment delays caused by the patient. The whole system is divided into two parts of the "console" and "mechanical", the CUHK minimally invasive surgical techniques training center director Dr. Yang Chongguang robot "independent thinking", responsible for "remote control" the surgeon is a "master-servant relationship . "
During the surgery, the doctor will sit in the "console" 3D screen viewing three-dimensional image of the patient's body, and then to simulate the hands of manipulation; receive instructions, the robot manipulator on the other side surgery.
"Minimally invasive robot used in the complex prostate tumor resection, coronary bypass surgery and acid reflux. The same time, the robot being only used in scientific research and training, and the general patient can not require the use of, even if it is widely used in the future, because each operation must adopt a new robotic arm, buttocks totaling approximately 4-60000, expensive.
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